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While there are many different ways to drive traffic to a website, search engine optimization (SEO) is the best way to increase traffic to your website and the most cost efficient as well. This is because site optimization for the search engines focuses on increasing the number of organic results to your page, instead of relying on paid advertisements. This means that it will continue to work for years at a time and that it requires minimal input to maintain the same levels of traffic for every page you are trying to rank. Excited Links fully endorses this strategy


Many people put a heavy focus on buying ads and driving traffic to a website in that way, which is a good strategy if you are trying to do a limited time promotion. However, the problem with ads is the need to continually put more money into them, while not usually experiencing a much bigger return. While the cost of ads should be built into any good budget, gaining traffic in a way that doesn’t cost you money will make those ads more effective.


Optimization can also be helped along simply by having a blog page or keeping a website updated on a regular basis. This allows you to target a wide variety of keywords, and to bring people into various pages, that will then link to your product or other portions of your website. When each and every article that is posted has been properly optimized, there is almost limitless potential for bringing in clients within a niche. Creating one more article with one more keyword is much easier than creating a new targeted ad campaign and waiting for it to gain proper traction.


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It’s important, for small to mid-size businesses, to take advantage of local SEO marketing resource. Our services make your business relevant to local customers.

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Digital marketing also provides the benefit of steady traffic to your website. Other methods will often see spikes during important periods of time, but properly optimized searches will show up each and every time the keyword is entered into a search engine. Since most people click on the first few listings to get more information or compare, if you rank in those top listings, you will receive traffic just from basic searches.


However, if your website is properly optimized, that initial click will then allow them to navigate your whole site, guiding them towards the elements you want them to view the most. In many cases, this is how you will drive sales, and how you will ensure that more of your content is being viewed as well. For websites that merely want to increase the amount of time that people spend on your site, this is where various links to other parts of the site come in handy.


Overall, a good Internet Marketing and SEO strategy will ensure that a website gets the most traffic possible and that the traffic it receives is constant, providing a consistent stream of revenue for the owner of the site. While it does fall behind PPC models when trying to drive a large amount of traffic over a short period of time, it is unbeatable for steady, consistent results.


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