Why Businesses Need a Mobile Friendly Website

Just walk down the street, walk through the mall, talk to you children and you will see why you need a mobile friendly website. In comparison to the largely stationary Internet of the early 2000s, people today are increasingly connected to the digital world of information while “on the go” via smartphones and other mobile devices.


Few people anticipated the rapid change from desktop to mobile and the effect it would have on businesses, but to keep up with the rapid changes in how customers find businesses and products, you need a mobile website. However, few companies have mobile friendly websites.


As such, companies need to employ strategies that can reach their potential and existing clients both easily and cost-effectively.


Here are some statistics to consider:

  • There will be over 6.1 billions smartphone users on the planet by 2020 – Tech Crunch
  • Over 50% of searches are conducted on mobile devices – Search Engine Land
  • 71% of marketers believe mobile marketing is core to their business – IMPACT
  • Google says 61% of users do not return to a website they have trouble accessing and 40% go to a competitor’s site – IMPACT


With these stats, it ‘s very surprising how many sites are yet to be mobile friendly. In this read, we shall look at a few reasons why any business should have a mobile friendly site, but before that…

What Exactly is a Mobile Friendly Website?

Well, being mobile friendly doesn’t just mean that the site can be viewed on a mobile phone. It implies that the site should be specifically designed for smaller screens, thus enabling easy navigation through touch screens and display just the relevant information.

mobile friendly website

Reasons businesses should have a mobile friendly website:

Easy Web Accessibility

Mobile users like to access the Internet from any place, whenever they want. The primary reason people browse the web from their smartphones is the immediate need and inaccessibility of a computer. A site that’s not mobile-friendly can push visitors away, forcing them to look for a better alternative. As such, companies are developing sites that are responsive, easy to navigate and accessible on any mobile device at any time.

Improved User Experience

When a site is browsed from a smartphone or a tablet, it switches from a horizontal layout to a vertical one, resulting in a different display of images and text. RWD (Responsive Web Design) manipulates the website to properly fit the screen of the device being used rather than retaining the same format and shrinking the content. This automatic manipulation enhances the user experience by providing an easier and more convenient way to explore the site.

Increase In Sales

Online shopping is rapidly growing and more and mores shoppers are using their smartphones and tablets to buy goods online. In 2013 alone, 10% of online purchases were done on smartphones and in the past 4 years, the number has increased by over 10%. That means it is of utmost importance for e-commerce businesses to expand to mobile platforms with a responsive design. As mentioned earlier, a mobile friendly website enhances the user experience, therefore increasing the chances of a customer completing a sale online.

Search Engines Favors Mobile-friendly Sites

There is no denying the fact that top search engines like Google favor mobile friendly sites. Google specifically confirmed this back in 2015. That simply means that when the algorithm ranks websites, one of the key things to consider is its mobile-friendliness.


You can confirm this using Google’s mobile-friendly test tool. All you have to do is enter your domain name, and it will tell you whether your site passes the test or not. If it fails, that means you’re taking a hit on search engine’s ranking and missing out on business.


As you can see, there are several important reasons to have a mobile friendly website. From an ease of access to better ranking, there’s a lot that a responsive design on a mobile device has to offer. And the best part is that is it’s cost-effective and easy to implement.

Tying It All Together

When it comes to getting the most out of your Internet marketing efforts, it’s important to understand the big picture in order to get the results you truly want.


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