The Perfect Local SEO for Landing Pages

The Perfect Local SEO for Landing Pages

Local SEO ranking factors

You must first utilize your normal ranking methods. Optimize titles, topical keyword relevance in your content, quality inbound outbound link building, NAP etc. This is highly effective when optimized keywords connect to a quality niche. 

The perfect landing page

There’s no specified layout for the landing page, what you are promoting should be the driver for your layout. However, below are some often used best practices. 

  1. Ad copy & context.  Good ad copy is imperative. You must align your language with the terms that the consumer will be looking for; what excites them.
  2. Page headlines. Your headline should deliver a clear and concise unique selling proposition (USP) and value proposition. It should be clear you are the company they should do business with, instead of working with your competition.
  3. Product features. Show the details of your service and product; what do you do! Let them know you’re a 24-hr heating and air conditioning specialist with no extra fee for after-hours service, and make that clear on your page.
  4. Product benefits. In addition to the product features, detail how your service benefits the consumer. Go to their pain point, then show how service relieves the pain. Tackle their emotions with your sales copy which drives the user to contact you. Ignore this and you’re doomed.
  5. Call(s) to action. Your call to action must be strong, clear and concisely. Either a large “call to action” (CTA), or a smaller secondary CTA at the bottom of the page to catch the leads who look at the full page.

Below is an infographic that gives a roadmap to an optimized local landing page by BowlerHat.