What is SEO

SEO, search engine optimization, is the name given to the process that improves the rankings of your web page. It is effective and affordable and will allow you to reach new customers and increase the revenue of your company. Even though many other marketing techniques rely on the business reaching out to their audience, search engine optimization empowers you to reach out to your customers when they are actively searching for information on your product or service. That is why the technique has one of the best ROIs in the marketing industry. In fact, you would be surprised to hear that SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate while direct marketing and print media have only a 1.7% close rate. That is why you should be investing in search engine marketing without further delay. It will help improve the rankings of your web page and take your business to the next level. This article provides information on what really is SEO.

You will lose your customers to your competition unless you invest in search engine optimization right now. If your competition ranks on the first page of Google and your site isn’t competing with them, they will attract your customers to their business. You stand to lose a lot in the process. In fact, SEO leads are highly targeted to your product or service. That is because the method is an inbound marketing strategy. Your client is already searching for the product or service you offer. Hence, you don’t have to waste your time convincing the customer about your product or service. You only need to show up at the right time when they are searching for your product/service. They do that by inserting the right keywords into the search box of a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. You only have to convince the customer that you are the right company to buy from. That is how effective search engine marketing is. Make sure you take advantage of this strategy without delay.


The latest research shows that more than 60% of the traffic from Google goes to the first three websites on the first page of Google. There is no better way to rank your site in one of these spots than implementing a good search engine marketing strategy.


Google and the other search engines will determine the authority of your website by looking at the on-site and off-site factors. If your site regularly publishes fresh and quality content, you have a higher chance of ranking on the first page of Google. The title tag, description, image tag, and URL play a big part in making your website search engine friendly. You should include your main keyword in these strategic places in order to improve the rankings of your web page. On the other hand, search engines will look at the other websites that are linking to your site. That is why link building is promoted as one of the most effective offline factors to improve your ranking. When other authority websites link to your site and people share your content on social media networks, you have a higher chance of ranking high on the search engines.

Even though influencing the search engines will take some time, it pays off once you start reaching the relevant audience. That is why you need to use a reputable and experienced SEO agency in the area to create an effective search marketing method for your business. That is the best way to rank higher in Google and the other search engines. You will get more leads, increase the revenue, and profits with SEO.